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Why You Need NSF-certified Drainage in Your Food Facility

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Governmental organizations, like the US’ FDA and USDA, strictly regulate the construction materials that can be used when constructing a food processing facility.

Considering how important it is to choose the right products, you should consider products with NSF certification, like NSF-certified drainage.

Here’s what you need to know about NSF certification, NSF-certified drainage, and why it matters to your facility.

What is the NSF?

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is an American product testing, certification, and inspection organization that was founded in 1944 in order to enhance safety in the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

Early on, the NSF focused on things like a soda fountain and luncheonette equipment. To date, the NSF has developed more than 80 American National Standards for products, equipment, process, systems, and more under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

What is NSF Certification?


In addition to creating health and safety standards, NSF International is also in charge of product and process certification, a highly sought-after distinction, which is difficult to earn. It designates that a product has met the NSF's strict public health and sanitation standards.

The NSF rigorously tests products to ensure that they meet standards in all aspects and uses. Choosing NSF-certified products offers the assurance that the product or equipment is as safe as possible for food and beverage manufacturing applications

Why is NSF Certification Important?

An NSF Certification label makes products stand out from the competition. NSF-certified products are seen as safer, higher-quality options, especially for use within food and beverage facilities. Using NSF-certified products also helps ensure the safest environment for employees and consumers alike, which is critical for all food facilities. NSF-certified products and equipment also make it easier to meet FDA and USDA regulations.

Why You Need NSF-certified Drainage

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If you decide to install only one NSF-certified product in your food facility, make it your drainage system.

When a drainage system receives NSF certification, it means the manufacturer has committed to creating quality products that meet the strictest safety and sanitation standards.

Having these certified products in your facility shows the same strong commitment to ensuring that your facility is as safe and sanitary as possible. NSF-certified drain systems are less likely to have bacterial growth issues, which is critical for food facilities.

Part of what helps these drainage systems earn NSF certification is the use of appropriate materials. An NSF-certified drainage system will feature durable materials that are easy to clean and are sanitary without the worry of it breaking, cracking, eroding, or suffering any other form of damage from chemicals or regular use.

These certified drains are also rated to perform well in harsh environments, where they can get exposed to high pressures and extreme temperatures.

NSF-certified Drains from FoodSafe Drains

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FoodSafe Drains proudly offersd highly durable, food-safe drainage systems. Our commitment to safe, sanitary drainage solutions has helped us earn an NSF sanitary ANSI certification for our 10,000 Series drain system. ANSI is an NSF certification used specifically for meat and poultry processing facilities.

The 10,000 Series drain was designed with harsh food-processing environments in mind, so it meets the strictest sanitation requirements. The 10,000 Series NSF certification validates our long-held commitment to safe and sanitary drainage products. The certification also marks an industry first for drainage systems.

The FoodSafe Slot Drain system is made from food-grade, bacteria-resistant stainless steel and features a grateless design for easy cleaning and high durability. It also offers corrosion, temperature, and even odor resistance. The 10,000 Series is an easy-to-clean system, with simple manual cleaning options, as well as options for automation using our Flush-Flo accessory.

When creating a food processing facility, you want to ensure that you meet and even exceed USDA and FDA standards, and using NSF-certified or listed products is a great way to do so.

FoodSafe Drains products have undergone rigorous testing to prove their reliability, safety, and sanitation capabilities, making them some of the best on the market. Committing to NSF-certified drains is a commitment to your consumers that you’re dedicated to providing them with safely produced products.


Your facility and your consumers deserve NSF-certified drainage. Download our full product guide today to learn more about the right drain for your application.