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3 Floor Drain Strainer Designs For Commercial Facility Efficiency

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Almost every food item available in stores comes from a commercial food facility. These facilities prepare, produce, and process various types of food items for sale across the country. Facilities are dedicated to specific foods, from meat and poultry to dairy items, each with a different setup and equipment. Different facilities have different requirements for the food they produce, but they all have one thing in common: floor drainage systems and drain strainers.



Proper floor drainage is an essential part of any commercial food facility. Floor drainage systems help to maintain safe and sanitary facilities by keeping the floors free from wastewater. They take wastewater off the floor surface and divert it to a designated outlet for treatment.

Drainage systems are vital for many reasons. They help ensure there is no standing water inside a facility, which can lead to numerous issues. Wastewater is a significant slipping hazard for employees and can lead to serious injuries. Standing water also provides the perfect environment for bacteria like e.Coli to grow. Once bacteria takes root, it can spread as employees move about the facility, dragging it around on their shoes or equipment wheels.

Floor drainage is also vital for ensuring that facilities do not develop foul odors from the food waste they produce during production. Finally, without floor drainage solutions in place, there is an increased chance of insect and other pest infestations, which can also lead to bacteria and contamination.

FoodSafe Drains makes some of the best drainage options designed for the food processing industry. There are two popular systems including the Trench Drain, and the more modern Slot Drain System. For these systems to work at their best, you also need a commercial floor drain strainer.


Floor drains are designed to keep large solids out of the drain channel, however, smaller solids like food by-products and pieces of packaging can still get through. Debris can become problematic if it enters the drain, potentially clogging the system and preventing it from functioning correctly. If the system gets clogged, wastewater cannot flow through to the end outlet and it will eventually overflow, creating severe sanitation issues. It will also slow down production, as you must stop to clean the system and the facility floors thoroughly. That is where a floor drain strainer basket comes in; these baskets are crucial to the function of drainage systems.

A floor drain strainer is an additional piece for floor drainage systems that is designed to catch debris while allowing the wastewater to continue through the system.


FoodSafe Drains doesn't only provide floor drain systems; you can also find the right floor drain strainer as well. Multiple options are available to ensure your facility has the right system and strainer basket to meet your needs.




The FoodSafe floor drain strainer basket is also stainless steel. It has 1/2-inch perforated holes that will catch food debris and other waste that may fall into the drain while allowing wastewater to flow through the drain. It has a tamper-proof lid covering the basket, so you don't have to worry about unauthorized personnel accessing the system.




The FoodSafe catch basin works in conjunction with the bigger drainage system, like the Slot Drain. A catch basin is a box, constructed of T304 or T316 stainless steel, set into the ground. Inside of the box is the floor drain strainer basket, which is covered with a tamper-proof lid for security. It has a heavy-duty design and load class, making it safe for equipment to pass over without fear of damaging anything.



The FoodSafe area drains, which also provide efficient drainage for facilities, are another option. These area drains are NSF/ANSI/3-A compliant and constructed of bacteria-resistant T304 and T316 stainless steel. They feature a radius-edge design, eliminating corners and other edges where bacteria could otherwise become trapped. The FoodSafe area drains feature a tamper-proof commercial food drain strainer, which helps keep solid waste from entering the drainage system.


FoodSafe area drains are extremely durable systems, with a Load Class E rating, ensuring they won't break under heavy equipment. They are easy to install and maintain and come in round and square variations. It is the perfect option for smaller areas in a facility, where space is more limited, and larger systems wouldn't work.


Without a floor drainage system, food facilities legally cannot function. An effective drainage system is vital to keeping things clean, safe, and sanitary. You also need a floor drain basket strainer to go with your floor drainage system. Strainers are vital to the function of your facility's drainage system, as they prevent it from becoming clogged and overflowing. FoodSafe Drains offers a selection of reliable commercial strainer baskets that are safe, efficient, and sanitary. They work great with their floor drain offerings and ensure you will never have drainage issues.

Contact the experts at FoodSafe Drains today to learn more about their floor drain strainer basket options.