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An In-Depth Look At Sanitary Drains

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It’s impossible to ignore the importance of proper drainage. A good drainage system is efficient at handling water runoff and any waste or debris. When looking into the various drainage systems, you want to ensure that you are looking specifically at sanitary drains.


A drain is a system used to divert water runoff from the ground's surface to a catch basin or sewage drain. They help keep the ground dry and free from spills, which can eliminate any potential slip hazards.

Sanitary drainage systems are built in a way that helps maintain a high level of cleanliness and sanitation. Sanitation is critical for many drainage applications, especially in bathrooms, public spaces, and anything involving the food and beverage industry. They are uniquely designed to prevent the spread of bacteria and contamination, which can be harmful to people and any products being produced. Sanitary drain systems create safer, cleaner environments, which are critical in this day and age.


One of the most significant differences of a sanitary drainage system is the construction. A sanitary drainage system uses non-porous stainless steel in the construction of their drain channels. Stainless steel is the ideal material because it is non-porous which means that bacteria and debris will not cling to the sides, where it can grow into a big (and costly) contamination issue. Stainless steel is also bacteria-resistant Corrosion resistance is another benefit of stainless steel, since it means that it can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals that will thoroughly clean it.


While drainage systems can vary in design, most sanitary drains work in generally the same way. One notable company that creates sanitary drains for both indoor and outdoor use is FoodSafe Drains. FoodSafe Drain’s Slot Drain System produces open floor drains that are installed directly into the ground or floor of a facility. They allow liquid runoff to make its way to the channel opening, where it will then travel towards the catch basin or sewer.

The only exposed parts of the system are the stainless steel surface angles, which are bacteria-resistant and easy to clean. The sleek design also ensures that once the runoff is in the channel, it will travel quickly to the catch basin or sewer, and will not sit and begin growing bacteria. The unique design of Slot Drain also ensures that, since there is no standing water in or around the drain, there are also no odors.

Another significant difference with Slot Drain is that, because it is a linear system, it does not require grates. It is another unique design element that, while seemingly simple, has a major impact on the level of sanitation that the drain provides because grates harbor bacteria and are difficult and time-consuming to clean.


While some sanitary drain systems may be more difficult to install, Slot Drain is incredibly easy to install. The system comes pre-assembled as a single-piece drain system. It is pre-sloped, so you have less work to do in preparing the ground for installation. A few employees can easily handle the installation in a short amount of time. Slot Drain is so easy to install that two men in only 30 minutes can install a 15-foot section.

Since it features a two-sloped design, rather than four-sloped sides, the need for forming, framing, welding, and edging are all eliminated. Screeding is also reduced, which also helps to cut down on time and labor.


Slot Drain systems 10000 series

One of the most notable sanitary drain systems today is Slot Drain, which works in a wide range of applications. Aside from being a very sanitary system produced with bacteria and corrosion-resistant material, it is also resistant to extreme temperatures. Slot Drain's drain systems come with varying flow rates, up to 33 gpm, making it an effective and practical choice in even the wettest environment. They are also highly durable, with some models capable of handling up to Load Class F–10,000 pounds worth of weight.

The best feature of Slot Drain is possibly just how easy they are to keep clean and sanitary. Since Slot Drain is a linear, grate-free system, all you need are a brush and paddle to clean the channel. However, Slot Drain also offers Self-cleaning and Clean-In-Place systems that automate the cleaning process, so it takes even less time but is just as effective and thorough.

Efficient drainage is an essential part of any design that requires sanitary conditions. Not only does it help to keep floors dry, but it is the best method for helping to maintain a sanitary space. Sanitary drain systems, like the low-profile Slot Drain system, are easy to install and maintain, and highly effective drainage systems that are the ideal solution. They will ensure your environment stays cleaner, safer, and more sanitary.

For more information on including a Slot Drain system in your space, contact an expert at FoodSafe Drains to discuss options.