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Innovative Drainage Solutions in Modern Breweries

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Breweries handle large volumes of fluids daily, making efficient drainage crucial. Poor drainage can lead to standing water, which fosters bacterial growth and poses a contamination risk. A robust drainage system is essential to keep brewery floors dry and sanitary, ensuring a clean environment for brewing processes. Our stainless steel drainage systems are engineered to manage the unique challenges of brewing, including handling wastewater filled with contaminants like suspended solids, ammonia, and phosphorus.


The importance of efficient drainage is evident in our collaboration with Farmers Brewing Company. Before installing our drains, they struggled with frequent maintenance issues and hygiene concerns. After switching to FoodSafe Drains, they saw significant improvements in operational efficiency and sanitation. This success story is detailed in our case study, which outlines how our solutions made a real difference in their brewing operations.

Farmers Brewing Company Slot Drain


We are thrilled to share that FoodSafe Drains has been featured in Food Engineering Magazine’s latest article, “Big and Small Brewers Launch Automation Upgrades.” This article highlights how breweries of all sizes are implementing automation to streamline operations and maintain high sanitation standards. FoodSafe Drains is proud to contribute to this movement by offering top-tier drainage solutions tailored for the brewing industry.


The FoodSafe Trench Drain

FoodSafe Trench Drains

Our Trench Drain features three styles: round bottom, flat bottom, and v-bottom models. It’s designed to transport large amounts of wastewater and small solid waste efficiently. The magnetic, tamper-proof grate ensures that only authorized personnel can access the drainage channel.

The FoodSafe Slot Drain

The FoodSafe Slot Drain represents the pinnacle of modern drainage technology for breweries. Unlike traditional trench drains, the Slot Drain features a narrow channel no wider than 1 ¼ inches, eliminating the need for a bulky drain cover. This sleek design not only blends seamlessly with the floor but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of tasting areas and public spaces within breweries.

Engineered for optimal functionality, the Slot Drain comes pre-sloped and pre-assembled, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. Its innovative design facilitates superior drainage efficiency by preventing debris accumulation and minimizing maintenance requirements. The narrow opening is specifically designed to reduce exposure to contaminants, significantly lowering the risk of bacterial growth and contamination.

Food Safe 10K Catch Basin

Enhancing Wastewater Management

Managing solids in brewery wastewater is crucial. Our FoodSafe Catch Basin and Strainer Basket are compatible with both our Slot and Trench Drains, designed to prevent solids from entering the wastewater management plant and causing environmental issues.

Keeping Drains Clean

Maintaining clean drains is vital for sanitation. We offer specialized cleaning tools like the Cleaning Brush and Cleaning Paddle for our Slot Drain. Our Flush Flo technology can manually or automatically send water through the system for frequent cleanings. Additionally, our Clean in Place (CIP) system automates the cleaning process, ensuring thorough and efficient sanitation.

Choosing the Right System

Both drain systems offer efficient brewery drainage The FoodSafe Drain's large flow capacity suits the production area: around fermenters, walk-in coolers, bottling and packaging areas, and even storage rooms. The sleek design of our Slot Drain is a great option for tasting rooms that are open to the public. 


We are proud to support the brewing industry's journey towards enhanced automation and superior sanitation. Our innovative drainage solutions are designed to meet the unique challenges faced by modern breweries, ensuring a cleaner, more efficient, and aesthetically pleasing environment. 

For more insights into how our products are making a difference, read the full article in Food Engineering Magazine.

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